Sunday, November 30, 2008

Field trips, In and Out

Uci and Oliver playing with the monkey

So once again, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. After reading a few friends' blogs online, though, I'm feeling inspired to update you all on recent news. It's been a crazy and busy time for me these past couple weeks, with my last working day at Green School this past Thursday! Weird, huh? Hard to believe it's that time already. It's strange to think of myself arriving in Bali on August 1st for day one of teacher workshops and training. Everything was so fresh and new at that time, and the faculty so inspired and psyched to get rolling with all that was Green School!
August now seems like an eternity ago. Really, so much has changed since then! Many of the original faculty have since left, leaving what feels like a constantly evolving school structure. It's easy at this point in time for me to say that I'm no longer working at the school- that decision feels right for me. What's much harder, and hasn't really sunk in, is that I'm going to be saying goodbye to all of my colleagues, many of whom are now close friends of mine. Aside from the school's politics, GS has got a great team of people supporting the students in the classroom.
A lot went on last week at Green School. One interesting note, CNN came to visit the campus! Supposedly the Green School episode will air in a couple weeks- I'll let you all know so you can take a look! While the marketing team triumphs yet again, I couldn't help but feel like Jim Carey in the Truman Show. All the teachers got an email saying that the cows needed to be on standby, kids in 3rd grade in garden on standby, vortex up and running, etc etc. Made me feel like the whole year thus far amounted to one, five minute CNN broadcast. Cynical, I know ;)
As good timing would have it, I visited the Monkey Forest in Ubud on my very last day at school! Finally...I can't believe I never made it there last year! Monkey Forest is on the "tourist to-do list" of those who wish to check out Ubud, as it's renowned for the large, shady banyan trees and hundreds of monkeys, some of which are adorable, others quite naughty. Note: don't bring a bit of food into the forest if you're not planning on sharing it with the monkeys! Anyhow, the kids absolutely loved it (except for one, who was terrified), and it was a nice way to finish off the term.

Spent all weekend basking, basking, basking in the sun! I swear, the coast feels like a different world entirely than being up here in Sibang. I was very graciously invited to stay at the home of one of my students before I leave Bali. When I was told that a spare bungalow was available, just ten minutes or so away from the beach, I could hardly refuse! Turns out this spare bungalow was part of their villa compound, a 4 bedroom posh villa, complete with infinity pool overlooking the rice paddies, imported Javanese antique furniture, and beautiful outdoor bathrooms. Not to mention satellite television! Luxury living. Not that I need such comfort, but I must say, it was quite a treat.
I've posted some pictures of the villa, as well as pics from Thanksgiving. Oh yea! Celebrated a lovely (and quite warm) Thanksgiving and my friends' house in Ubud. My dear friend Hilary was the main caterer of the night, who cooked up nearly a dozen homemade specialties. She's an incredible cook! Some of the favorites were her pumpkin soup, banana/carrot bread, and from-scratch apple pie. Yum!

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