Friday, September 26, 2008


Yuma painting the first letter of his name
Sasha and Ni Luh-arts expression
Erlin, Yuma, Wes getting muddy

Holly, Lila, Isara during shadow play time
Holly, Yuma, Ni Luh helping to make fresh papaya juice
Friday "cooking" class- fresh papaya juice
Ibu Nanda, me, and the class praying after Ibu Nanda brought in offerings
more fun with Ibu Nanda

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ibu Ingrid pointing out papaya trees on campus
Ibu Hillary comes for art time
Yuma on the drum!
More nature walk along campus.
Ayung River bridge (me, Ibu Susan, Isara)

Green School field trip

Tug of war? Rama, Pak Susi, "Dragon" (aka Yuma, who came to school dressed as a dragon)
Ibu Yulia and Lila making offerings
Uci, me, Ni Luh, Erlin, Ibu Yulia and Lila, making offerings during outdoor play time
Heading back from the bridge during our Ayung River field trip
Holly, Wes and the rest of the crew, sitting on the bridge and playing I Spy

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Green School pics

Me with the girls!

Shadow play time!
Ibu Susan-the puppeteer- behind the screen.
Kids watching the shadow show.
Fun on the balance beam- I look like a giant!

Rice miller comes to campus. Milling brown rice for the students to see just how it's done.
Yuma and Wes drawing on the chalkboard (made of bamboo!)
Time to garden kids- don't forget your hats!
Ni Luh, me, and Erlin planting flowers.
Trying to attach the flowers to sticks for better support.
Ibu Susan and some of the kids playing the class.

Finally, Some Pictures!

Feels like forever since I last wrote...these past few weeks have been so busy! Can't believe it's already the third week in at Green School. All is well so far. We are lucky to have such a great group of kids with really diverse backgrounds. The classroom is beginning to transform and come alive, thanks to art decorations (home-made by the children) and plants that are beginning to sprout outside. We've planted some lavender, chili, aloe, eggplant, and flowers thus far. There's still much more to come!
Have been escaping during the weekends for much needed r+r. The beach is the place to do it- most of them are located within an hour of the campus. Feels incredible to bike down south, usually in the late morning, and arrive an hour later at the ocean. Speaking of bikes, while I'm starting to get used to riding mine, the heavy traffic is still terrifying! Have I already mentioned that I'm riding a motorbike now? More like a motorized scooter I guess. It's really the main way of transportation around here for a lot of people. I have mixed feelings about cars now that I'm living in Bali. On the one hand, I feel much safer riding in them to get around; on the other hand, I fear the cars on the road when I'm on my bike! Driving here is totally different than in the states, as there are very few "rules of the road." There aren't really any stop signs, and even stoplights sometimes seem optional. (While New Hampshirites aren't legally required to wear a helmet riding, I think they'd choose to do so here!)
Tomorrow is back to school night. I still need to prepare for what kind of presentation we will give the parents once they arrive. The main idea is just showing them around the classroom and discussing the curriculum.
And finally! Some long awaited pictures. Most are of the classroom, inside and out.
Rest easy-

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week One at Green School

( Posted from my Green School blog account)

Hey everyone!

We've now concluded our first week here at Green School It's been a busy first week, getting to know each other and the classroom space. The past couple of days we've continued our shadow puppet shows, introducing new characters and classroom lessons each day through the shadow screen. The children are engaged directly with each show, as they are asked to participate through musical instruments and song.

The week has been full of new activities for the children, such as home-made collages out of beautiful pieces of recycled paper and the construction of Balinese offerings. The children also really enjoy gardening- it's difficult to tell what's more popular, digging the hole or watering with the big hose! All in all, the garden seems to be a success already.

We are becoming increasingly familiar with the daily classroom rhythm. While the students have begun to recognize the rhythm and pattern on their own, it certainly has helped having the beat of Pak Susiawan's drum and the calming hum of Ibu Susan's Tibetan singing bowl to guide the way. Such sounds indicate transition from one activity to another.

We concluded the week with Melaspas, a celebration today to honor and bless the Green School campus. Thank you for all who were able to attend, as it truly marked the end of an incredible week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Green School daily blog

School's started! Day 2....

While I'd love to write more, I'm quite exhausted after my first two days of teaching kindergarten! We're lucky to have such an awesome group of kids- but man are they tiring! Has been a blast though, really, pretending to make scrambled eggs and pancakes in the toy kitchen and cuddling up on the big cushions to read stories. I wish I was five years old again! Here's an excerpt from the blog that I'm responsible for writing about daily activities in our classroom. And take a look at the pic down below- taken on day one when the parents were invited to join us for that morning.

Welcome to the kindie!

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the pre-K and K blog! Our very first couple days at Green School have been very special. While some of the children arrived more timid than others, everyone left school with beaming smiles and an eagerness to return the following day!

The children are learning the rhythm of the day through song, movement, indoor and outdoor play, yoga, shadow puppetry, and arts expression. Today, Ibu Ami visited our classroom and engaged the students in the making of Balinese offerings. Many of the students felt very proud to have their very own “paku pipit” to take home to their families! The children also helped Ibu Ingrid design the shape for the outdoor garden. The majority of the children wanted the seeds to be planted in the shape of an orange- Stay tuned to find out when the seeds sprout!

There are many changes underway here at Green School and we hope that each day will bring new ideas, inspiration, and creativity into our classroom. The students have already demonstrated incredibly eclectic and diverse personalities- we couldn’t be more delighted that they’ve joined us here at Green School!

First day at School!

firstday13 by d.sato.First day at the Green School kindergarten! (singing heads, shoulders, knees, toes)