Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I wish I was in the states to celebrate Obama's inauguration. It feels so strange to be outside of the country for such a historic moment in the history of the United States. While it's quite amazing to feel that people all over the world are supporting Obama (this morning the hostel warden said to me "Hello, Obama!), it doesn't feel as momentous of an occasion as it would were I in the states. Every time I look at pictures of people celebrating for him I tear up. Really! I was so skeptical of the whole election when the candidates first started running. The idea of hope seemed overplayed and I felt annoyed at politics in general. I must say I've become a believer in hope, though, and am so much more exited (as opposed to ashamed) to say I'm an American.
I don't really have anything else to say, except that I'm going to do my best to watch the speech live tomorrow morning through the internet.


Sandy said...

Hi Katelyn,
I've been enjoying your blog since you traveled with the group of students last summer. DC must be crazy with people today and I'll be watching it all from the comfort of my living room.
Be safe and keep the news and pictures coming.
Aunt Sandy

ada-paavi!!!! said...

Somehow I dont share your opinion of Obama. He is full of rhetoric and promises a lot. Can he deliver? That still remains unanswered.
Obama for one will make the economy worse. He is going back to the idea of easy money to boost growth (he has filled his room with clinton era economists who believe that). His spin machine on the economy is already working

He is harking back to the idea of tax cuts stimulating spending which will boost growth. It will be short lived since it isnt aimed at producing more. The other worrying fact is to write off debt/nationalize it which is a terrible idea.
Obama with a 60% probability I believe will screw up the economy

Smaps said...

ahh, who knew that politics would stir up discretion. thanks for your insightful comments Vatsan :)...I'll check out the link in a bit

Smaps said...

by the way, thanks Aunt Sandy for writing! and I'm quite jealous you got to watch from your living room. ;)