Tuesday, June 23, 2009

picture this.

Several of these beginning pics are from my recent trip to Kodaikanal, an American hill station in the northwest part of Tamil Nadu. Myself, along with my trusted partner in crime, Callum Linton, ventured to the region for some rest, relaxation, and a goosie ride.

The hills of Kodaikanal! Beautiful town with fresh, cool temperatures. Kodaikanal is the only American hill station in India.

This was taken along the way from the Kodai Rd. trainstation to the town of Kodaikanal. Took about 3 hours in a rickety, public bus but the views were worth the ride.

Holy cow! Good morning bovines.

Out the front windshield of the bus!

Hike to Dolphins Peak in Vattakanal.

Cal and I at the tip of Dolphin's Peak! A hike mastered in flip-flops but was better suited for boots...we made it.

These lovebirds were resting at the edge of the cliff. Daredevils.


King C of the jungle.

Too bad the camera couldn't pick up the colors that existed in real life. Bright orange soda bottles contrasting with green and blue mountains in the background. Gorgeous :)

I couldn't help myself from asking the taxi driver to pull over when I spotted this roadside "market." These two women were selling delicious looking avocados, carrots and tomatoes..all against the backdrop of the mountains.

The ladies who sold it all.

It doesn't get much fresher than this folks.

Hanging tomato plants.

Yum! Had to buy a bundle of these- look how perfectly orange!

Roadside cotton candy anyone? How about some corn?

Vendors outside Silver Cascades waterfall.

A self-photographed picture of Callum and I at the Tibetan Brothers Restaurant. This photo was a necessity as we dined here on a daily basis. The momos were scrumptious and the lemon tea soothing..

The picturesque Coakers Walk. I set out at 8am this day to catch the mountains and valley before they became covered in fog.

Gorgeous view of the valley!

Sipping cardamom tea outside our guest house- amazing fog in the distance. (Fog, not smoke! What a relief..)

Coakers Walk in the evening.

Me in my element- fresh, cool air!

Goosie!!! Bring us to shore..
Eager to try our own on the horror scene-infused Disney Land paddle boats, Callum and I kicked and paddled our way across Kodaikanal Lake. Along the way, we made up stories about our trusted boat mascot, the pink swan, aka-Goosie.

"Kodaikanal Homestay" - Complete with two private cottages, a man named Raj, and a few too many dogs.

Speedo, one of Raj's nine slobbery German Shepherds...standing in front of our cottage.

somewhere different...
Elsewhere in India, one can find a pair of legs...

Mr. Ramesh selling salwar kameez and "ali baba" trousers.

Looking at art in a small shop in Mahabalipuram.

Stone carvings galore- mostly Shiva and Ganesh statues.

Mas arte.

Beautiful silk sold at the Pondy Bazaar market in Chennai.

Pondy Bazaar- a busy outdoor market near T. Nagar, Chennai

P. Bazaar

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