Tuesday, July 21, 2009


View of Sangkhlaburi!

David and I. Goofy..

Relaxing at P's on the day we arrived. Tired after 16 hour bus ride (and only two hours of sleep)

Outdoor patio furniture carved out of marble. Nice indeed

Working from an outdoor cafe- break for a photo-op.

Observing an English class with the Mon Women's Organization.

Cottages at our guest house.

P's Guest House! The beautiful, rodeo-style guest house David and I stayed in. All was lovely, minus the shared, squat toilets!

View down to the lake from P's Guest house.


AN OLD MAN said...

Looks really chilled out and relaxing, and you look smapalicious as always.
P.S. David is a hottie...

Smaps said...

An old man shouldn't be hitting on the likes of Katelyn, or her boss for that matter!