Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Thai Vacation

A couple weeks ago, I took some time off from work to visit the Southern Gulf of Thailand. My partner in crime for this venture was none other than the Lum to my Kat. The Mr. Callum Linton. You all remember him, no? The charming Londoner who courted me during my time in Chennai. Ah, yes...we spent the week doing some very Thai things (reinventing acceptable fashion trends) and non-Thai things (indulging in copious amounts of falafel). All in all, a great week. Featured activities include: "theater swine," briefing with Tokyo, full moons, dehydrated waterfalls, and sunsets. Please enjoy the following pictures from the series "Katlum's adventures: Part II."

Funky hatted duo spotted on Khaosan road in Bangkok.


Saying hello in the telephone booth.

Beautiful rooftop pool at Bangkok hotel. A splurge for these parts (1,300 baht) but totally worth it ($35!).

The city persona.

Stepped off the skytrain (Bangkok's above ground subway system) to discover that we had come at exactly the right time. Tis the season for Japan Festival '09!!!

Callum being interviewed by a Thai teenager regarding his thoughts on swine flu! Hilarious video commentary of this event as well.

Bienvenidos a la isla de Koh Phangan!

Beach smiles.

There's quite a bit of this to be found in the tropics.

View overlooking the island from our motorbike ride.

Matching Singha's.

A British pub on the island...I'll take it!


Hamming it up.

First night's no-frills bungalow, but it did have a hammock!


Anonymous said...

Holy Butt Cheeks! That's beautiful!

Missing you everystep of the way.


Smaps said...

Is this you T?

I miss you like crazy!!