Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In a mere 13 days, the road trip begins.


Meet contestant #1: Miss Brittany Martin
Status: 23/single/female
Hometown: Bucktown, PA
Interests: dancing, singing, speaking Chinese, stupid jokes
(what do you call a cow with no legs?. GROUND BEEF!)

Meet contestant #2: Miss Katelyn Ransom
Status: 23/single/female
Hometown: West Chestertonfieldville, NH
Interests: free-styling, puns, speaking in accents, world domination

The ride:
Meet one Honda Civic, 2002.
Mileage: 89,000
Last recorded break-down: Unknown

SO...13 days from now, I will be flying out of Logan International Airport in Boston- en route to San Francisco, Californ-i-a! (Side note: I scored a remarkable deal, $110 one-way! Thank you, Jet Blue.) Once I reach San Fran, I hope to be greeted by sunshine, the entire cast of Full House, and the Golden Gate Bridge (...and Britt, of course).

The plan right now is to spend close to three weeks out on the open road. Twenty-one days of home-grown, American merriment, in which we aspire to meet all walks of life along the way! Our schedule and budget are relatively tight, so we're hoping to not have to spend any money on hotels or other accommodation. Consequently, this means we will be relying on the hospitality of both country-folk and city slickers alike to help house us during these desperate times. We've already identified several such residences, but if you know we're coming through your area and wouldn't mind the company, please let me know! (On another note: you will receive partial accommodation points if you can guide us in the direction of a 24-7 parking lot where we can curl up, safely, for the night.)

Tentatively, our itinerary is as follows:

San Francisco, California (Let the adventure begin...)
Los Angeles, California (Venice Beach and the Ellen show!)
San Diego? (Noha, warm weather, and Mexican food)
Grand Canyon, Arizona (never before seen by man...until now..)
Zion National Bark and Bryce Canyon, Utah (scenic, hiking-encouraged national parks)
Boulder, Colorado (local brew pubs and outdoor recreation)
Denver, Colorado (friends in high places)
Kansas City, Missouri (Harrah's casino, barbecue-style everything)
St. Louis, Missouri (...which brings me to my mid-west roots)
Chicago, Illinois (deep-dish pizza, and the Oprah Winfrey show)
Washington, D.C (Obama's Kingdom, and a non-profit's dream city)
Bucktown, Pennsylvania (Britt's home sweet home!)
New York, New York (the biggest of apples)
West Chesterfield, New Hampshire (where the party goes all night!)

I plan to update regularly during these next couple weeks while we plan for our trip. For those of you who have done similar routes in the past, feel free to send advice/feedback/suggestions, what have you.

Know where the nation's largest shoe can be found? Me too..in a shoe-shaped store in Memphis, Tennessee. Whowouldathought. (Thanks to Liz Lagone for this information.) Britt and I are interested in all things random, so please don't hesitate to send random, seemingly useless information our way.

We want to do EVERYTHING and see EVERYONE we possibly can! So drop us a line...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

um ... why am I not mentioned as a tourist attraction in SAN FRANCISCO?!?! you know who I am.

Alex said...

You'll pass a winery on I-70 about 10 miles outside Columbia MO. The winery itself is beautiful but it will most likely be too cold to actual sit at the A-Frame. However, they have a store right off the highway (you can see it) and you need to stop and by yourself a cheap bottle of wine. It got me through 4 years of college haha. I also recommend you take a quick detour and drive thru the University of Missouri campus. It's the most liberal town in Missouri--just right for you Katelyn.

Neil said...

oh man sounds wicked wish I was there

Jens said...

Sounds like it's gonna be great! And btw: Is that a Mr. Deeds joke up there??

Justin said...

heyo me and a buddy are doing the same thing...
coast to coast road trip from Oregon to Miami.
should be awesome!