Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Urban Living: People, Places and Things

MY NEIGHBORHOOD. (Bushwick/Brooklyn)

View from the rooftop of my apartment.

Neighborhood art.

Neighborhood art and me.

Brit and I hanging out at the Morgan Ave subway stop (aka- my home base).

The artsy corner of the Morgan Ave. spot.


Solid paper...read it.

One day, I will take a ride with this horse.

Lunch break-break dancers.
You can catch these guys around noon o'clock everyday near Central Park-South. They entice prospective audience members by yelling, "Hey, you! There's nothing to be afraid of...We're just black guys, dancing!" Hey...it worked for me.

Times Square.
Filled with skyscrapers, neon lights, billboards, overpriced pizza, and Nikon-strapped tourists.

A week after the attempted bombing in Times Square, the area was swarming with police.


Brit and I before our Saturday night adventure through mid-town.

Brit and I at the International Food Festival.
Each year, more than one million hungry souls head to 9th Avenue for the International Food festival. With everything from chorizo sausages, to suckling pig, to Thai iced tea- it’s important to go with a big appetite to make the most of the experience. Brit and I had no trouble partaking in the feasts, and indulged in some of the more ‘exotic’ varieties.

Friday night rooftop dance-off.

My housemmate, Mia, nibbling away at the local bodega.

Smaps and Chiekh experimenting with black and white on black and white in my apartment.

Good people/good tunes/good comedy shows to be found at this bar on the Lower East Side.

Me, Jim, and an unknown man hanging out at Jim's 'tree fort.'
(and the night Jim and I wore near-matching tops)

Liz, me, Maricio at an Irish pub on Cinco de Mayo.

Grumpy Liz on the subway.


Jens said...

First of all - LOVE the new header photo! Secondly - I envy you like crazy for livin' it up in NYC, one of the cities of my dreams. Looks like you're having a blast!

Ask Mia to make you some kjøttbullar sometime soon; it's the best of trad Swedish cuisine...:)

Anonymous said...

As Billy Joel said, you are clearly in a "New York state of mind" - love the pix and you look adorable! The city is yours!