Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hey everyone! Writing from Los Angeles, where I arrived last night after a 6 hr delay in Hartford airport, then a 6 hour flight to get here. Will be in China tomorrow! My flight leaves at 1:50 in the morning, and I need to be at the airport 3 hours beforehand to meet all the students! Can't believe today's the day. Will spend the rest of the day preparing for the meeting. Distribute orientation/ pre-departure materials to students, and brainstorm fun ice breaker games to have them play! These are some brave kids that have chosen to travel around China for four weeks during their summer break. We'll arrive in Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon sometime...from there, flight to Beijing. It's about a 14 hr. plane ride to Hong Kong...sounds long, but Cathay Pacific airlines hooks it up! Think: tons of new release movies, complimentary cocktails, pillows, blankets, toothbrushes, and more! Wow is right.
Activities for arrival in Beijing include settling into the hotel, writing a "group constitution" (outlining rules/regulations/expectations) for trip, and having a delicious Peking duck dinner with the other two groups going to China! Yum...can't wait! After that, we'll be visiting the the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Summer Palace while we're in Beijing. More to come once we arrive! Wish us all safe flights :)

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