Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Quick Dip in the States

I'm here! Back in the states, but only for a quick stop in Los Angeles for the afternoon/evening until my next flight tonight. Arrived from Hong Kong at LAX around 11:00 this morning, stuck around the airport for a few hours to help deal with students' flight cancellations/delays, then headed off to a nearby hotel. Got a nice rest and shower in, and am allowing myself some time for a quick bite to eat, email check, and some much needed ironing! Realizing that a suitcase would've been much more ideal for a year's worth of packing than yet another backpack. Oh well, what's done is done!
Gotta say, the EIL trip to China was an awesome time and I've learned a lot from it. Really feel fortunate to have had such a great group of kids for my first time as trip leader. A few rough patches along the way, but nothing the group couldn't handle. I think every student really learned a lot about China, gained a greater appreciation for Chinese culture, and of course- made tons of new friends!
Will try to post some pics up if the internet will allow me to.
Until then, wish me luck on my flight that departs at 1:40 this morning to Bali...with stops in Taiwan and Malaysia along the way!

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