Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week One at Green School

( Posted from my Green School blog account)

Hey everyone!

We've now concluded our first week here at Green School It's been a busy first week, getting to know each other and the classroom space. The past couple of days we've continued our shadow puppet shows, introducing new characters and classroom lessons each day through the shadow screen. The children are engaged directly with each show, as they are asked to participate through musical instruments and song.

The week has been full of new activities for the children, such as home-made collages out of beautiful pieces of recycled paper and the construction of Balinese offerings. The children also really enjoy gardening- it's difficult to tell what's more popular, digging the hole or watering with the big hose! All in all, the garden seems to be a success already.

We are becoming increasingly familiar with the daily classroom rhythm. While the students have begun to recognize the rhythm and pattern on their own, it certainly has helped having the beat of Pak Susiawan's drum and the calming hum of Ibu Susan's Tibetan singing bowl to guide the way. Such sounds indicate transition from one activity to another.

We concluded the week with Melaspas, a celebration today to honor and bless the Green School campus. Thank you for all who were able to attend, as it truly marked the end of an incredible week!

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