Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finally, Some Pictures!

Feels like forever since I last wrote...these past few weeks have been so busy! Can't believe it's already the third week in at Green School. All is well so far. We are lucky to have such a great group of kids with really diverse backgrounds. The classroom is beginning to transform and come alive, thanks to art decorations (home-made by the children) and plants that are beginning to sprout outside. We've planted some lavender, chili, aloe, eggplant, and flowers thus far. There's still much more to come!
Have been escaping during the weekends for much needed r+r. The beach is the place to do it- most of them are located within an hour of the campus. Feels incredible to bike down south, usually in the late morning, and arrive an hour later at the ocean. Speaking of bikes, while I'm starting to get used to riding mine, the heavy traffic is still terrifying! Have I already mentioned that I'm riding a motorbike now? More like a motorized scooter I guess. It's really the main way of transportation around here for a lot of people. I have mixed feelings about cars now that I'm living in Bali. On the one hand, I feel much safer riding in them to get around; on the other hand, I fear the cars on the road when I'm on my bike! Driving here is totally different than in the states, as there are very few "rules of the road." There aren't really any stop signs, and even stoplights sometimes seem optional. (While New Hampshirites aren't legally required to wear a helmet riding, I think they'd choose to do so here!)
Tomorrow is back to school night. I still need to prepare for what kind of presentation we will give the parents once they arrive. The main idea is just showing them around the classroom and discussing the curriculum.
And finally! Some long awaited pictures. Most are of the classroom, inside and out.
Rest easy-

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