Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yelagiri Hills, photographed

Group shot minus me at Chennai Central: pre-trip

Don't drink too much water on the way or else you'll have to use this (train toilet)

Hanging outside the train.

Sabya and I.

Leaving the station.

1st class, AC.

Poor donkey!


Really nice photo, think David took this one.

Absolutely adorable baby!

Love this! Where does this door even go?

Hello, Mr.

Morning chai time.

Jackfruit, holler! Some of the biggest jackfruits I've ever seen.

Morning fruit stand.


Walking towards the hills


Collecting water.

Tip top.

This laugh look familiar?

Paddy posing.

We made it!

I met a friend along the way.

Summit stretch.

Me, Sabya, Meera.

Climbing into the caves.

Climbing up.


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