Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Photo Shoot

Winter Wonderland.

The Ransom home, after a bit of snow.

Self-timer success...the whole fam!

On our best behavior.

The idea behind 'Alikat'

A stocking for all.

Bailey, the wisest of the Ransom's.

I spy Betty Boop!

Our decorated living room.

Christmas eve dinner.

Alison and her pup, Jake.

The frosty driveway.

Alison and JD, my soon to be brother in law!


Sandy said...

Great pictures and a perfect setting for Christmas. I was hoping for snow but it never made it to central Arkansas. Aunt Sandy

Ashley Terry said...

I love you all so much! So fun to see your house. It looks like a magical winter wonderland.

Jesse Millett said...

Your place looks awesome! I hope you're enjoying the holiday season. much love to the family!

Smaps said...

thanks everyone!