Friday, February 19, 2010

Live Free or Dance!

A road trip philosophy...

For those of you who know, Brit and I like to dance…a lot. While I wouldn’t go so far to say that either of us is sexy on the dance floor, we do what we can to entertain ourselves and have a good time-with or without the music. For this reason, we have made it a point to dance as much as possible throughout the road trip. I would be lying if I didn’t claim that our initial reason for wanting to dance across the country stemmed from our desperation (and in Brit’s case, obsession) to get on the Ellen Degeneres Show. We both think Ellen is hilarious, and feel that our dancing abilities may just be the golden ticket to getting us on her show. So while it’s true that the Ellen Show often comes to mind when we find ourselves dancing, our dance parties have become an integral part of our lives.
So by now, you must be wondering. What are the necessary criteria for discovering a compatible road trip companion? Find someone who loves to sing and dance as much as you! We are a very compatible driving duo, as neither one of us is afraid to shake it (or break it) like it’s hot (or not). All I can say is thank God for decent radio stations and highway break-down lanes, as the combination of these things has proven itself to be the perfect formula for roadside dance-offs.

We've made a few short videos along the way, which feature everything from roadside dance parties to sleep-deprived laugh attacks. Take a look at our channel on youtube to view the videos to date!

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