Thursday, February 18, 2010

What gives, California?

San Francisco:
A beautiful, eclectic city on the coast of California. We spent four days flexing our calves alongside the city’s steep hills, feasting on fresh sushi, and catching up with old friends.

Pacific Coast Highway:
The seven hour drive was filled with spectacular views of the coast, strewn with dozens of vantage points and prime photograph opportunities. We enjoyed taking our time cruising along the coast on a sunny day that turned out to be nearly as beautiful as the coast itself. Good music, good company, and some elephant sea lions thrown in for good measure, ‘twas a day to remember.

Hollywood goes Acoustic:
Before arriving in Hollywood, I was nervous that Brit’s passion for celeb-spotting would surpass the point of fun and innocent, and turn downright creepy. To be fair, though, she and I had a blast indulging in wholesome fun, while keeping celebrity fetishes to a responsible and controlled minimum. Aside from having her car broken into our first night in Los Angeles (this involved a stolen GPS, hundreds of pieces of broken glass, and the handsome cast of the L.A.P.D), we had some good times…

We had late-night acoustic jam sessions with some of her friends, covering everything from Fleetwood Mac to homemade jams about ‘girls in white pants.’ We toured the famous spots of downtown Hollywood, and took pictures with Frank Sinatra’s feet imprints at the Hollywood Walk of Fame (did you know he wore a children’s size five shoe?). We also made it out to Venice, and enjoyed eyeing some of LA’s coolest (and craziest) crowds alongside the boardwalk.

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